Transforming business process challenges into Solutions


Redesign of business processes and IT solutions requires a good understanding of processes, business requirements and IT capabilities. And that's where we come in!

Harvist is your go-to partner for realising business process improvements in the area of supply chain and manufacturing. We're passionate about large projects, combining business expertise with IT solutions to enhance efficiency, creativity, and speedy execution. Let's transform challenges into solutions and embark on a journey towards efficiency, innovation, and growth. 


Improving Business Processes

Using a systematic approach to analyse the way a company operates, making it more efficient, cost-effective, and capable of delivering better results

Linking pin between Business & IT

Being the linking pin between business and IT is a crucial role that demands a unique set of skills and capabilities

Project Management

Project management is a multifaceted skill that involves planning, executing, and overseeing projects from initiation to completion.


Maarten Ploemen

Project manager (PMP) # Analysing & Improving processes # Linking pin between business & IT # Process, change manager

I manage projects to improve business processes in supply chain and manufacturing, often by implementing a new IT system. Crucial for success is a detailed understanding the business processes, so you can compare As Is & To Be --> identifying changes in processes, organisation and roles is one of the key ingredients for a successful implementation.

As a project manager I like to be involved in the content of the project. Ensuring requirements are well-written, specific and understood by all. Over the years I have built an extensive experience in managing business & IT implementations in various companies and in different countries. That's why I am able to understand both the business and the IT side of projects which is a key competence, because business (key users) & IT (consultants) often speak a different 'language'. Besides the role of project manager, I also take on tasks related to process analysis (As Is, To Be, requirement collection & definition) and change management.

As a person, I am very structured, quick and efficient. I lead by example, pitch in to ensure deliverables are completed on time and try to have some fun while doing it. As project team members often have their day job next to the project, it is important to do things right the 1st time and utilise clever tools, templates and past experiences where possible. Besides project management skills and people management skills, I am a Power user in Microsoft SharePoint, PowerApps and Power Query; all tools that can make life (and projects) easier so I have more time to deliver added value.